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Learn the right way to research, design and build a small business website.


How Can the World Wide Web Help Your LOCAL Business Which Has LOCAL Clients?

      • Build Trust With Prospects
      • Grow Your Client Base
      • Strengthen Customer Loyalty
      • Get the Jump on Competitors
      • Develop and Stay "Top of Mind"
      • Extend Your Reach
      • Diversify: Add New Streams of Income


• Are you considering a website for your small business?

Learn what you need to know before you build a website including how to research and plan your site, how to create content and how to get it built and maintained without spending thousands of dollars.

• Do you have a website that is not working?

Identify what is wrong with your existing web site, and understand why it is not drawing enough traffic to bring you the amount of customers you need.

• Do you want to increase the traffic to your website?

Any website can be improved and expanded. Learn the most cost-effective ways to expand and enhance it to bring in even more business.

Do You Have a Website Master Plan?
Understand what is needed to build a successful website


Most small businesses today have a website that just lists the basic information about their business such as products and services, an About Us page, directions and a Contact Us page. This is called a brochure style website.

Local businesses such as electricians, builders, dentist, doctors and any business that serves a local market will have to develop a solid web presence or they will find themselves slowly and steadily losing ground to their competition.

While a brochure website may bring in some business now, (because there may not be any real competition in the local market yet), over the long term these brochure websites will be beaten in the search engine ranking by more developed websites.

Nearly all small businesses have no idea what they need to do to create a solid web presence. Most will spend a few hundred to a few thousand dollars on their website, call it done, and unless something changes with their business they will never change or update their website.

Below is an outline for a website master plan that includes researching, preparing, building, growing, monitoring, promoting and monetizing a small business website.


Step 1. Website Research - Before You Do Anything!

Keywords - find the web search terms related to your business that have the highest search demand on Google and the lowest number of competing websites using tools such as SBI's Brainstormer or Market Samurai. These are the most profitable keywords to use to build your website. Website Research Tools

Theme - focus your website around a theme using the most profitable keywords. Website Theme Focus

Domain name - choose a website name that contains your best description/location of your business using a profitable keyword.

Evaluate Competition - Look at the other websites in your local market. Evaluate the strength using on-site criteria and off-site criteria. Copy their good ideas and avoid their mistakes. How To Evaluate Your Website Competition


Step 2. Prepare The Website Content & Features

Create Relevant Information about your business using profitable keywords wherever possible.

Provide Useful Information for your visitors such as common questions and answers.

Leverage Video by providing useful information, answer questions, build trust, and establish yourself as an expert.

Enable relationships with your visitors:

Contact Forms protect you from having to put your email address on your site and also provides a more structured format for your visitors to contact you or ask questions.

Q & A - A powerful way to establish trust and provide information to your visitors, and also it helps to bring visitors to your site.

Blogs are another great way to communicate with prospective customers and can be used to announce new products or services as well as new features of the website. Since a blog is so easy to update with news, pictures, links and videos the business owner can usually do this.

Build Your Mailing List - Offer a free newsletter or free report of useful information in exchange for the visitors' email address so you can promote to them in the future


Step 3. Build

Website Hosting - website hosting is basically renting space on a computer to be a home for your website. There are two main types of hosting: basic hosting, where any additional tools or services are À la carte, and all-in-one hosting that includes everything you need. About Website Hosting

Select a Content Management System - websites can be created one page at a time -- the "old school" way, but there are programs that automate a lot of the work such as Wordpress and SBI. The Most Important Website Choice

Add Website Content using Search Engine Optimization(SEO). It is crucial that the information on your website be presented in a way that is easy for the search engines to understand. SEO is a set of guidelines for building a search engine friendly website. You can check that you are using correct SEO with tools like SBI's Analyzer and Traffic Travis. Search Engine Optimization Methods


Step 4. Promote Your Website

Build Back Links - Links to your website from other sites help to show the search engines that your site is relevant and important, and will help get better results in the search engines and bring in more traffic. Website Link Building Techniques


Step 5. Monitor Traffic, Rankings & Links

Analyze Website Traffic - Find out how many visitors your website has, how they found you, where they come from, and how they use your site with a traffic monitor such as StatCounter or Google Analytics. Analyze Website Traffic

Track Search Engine Rankings - Track where your website appears in the search engine results for your keywords using tools such as SBI or Market Samurai.

Collect Visitor Feedback - Use contact forms or surveys to find out if your visitors had any questions or problems and what they would like to see on your website.

Track Back Links - Use Yahoo Site Explorer to view the back links to your website, as well as the websites of your competition. Click here to see the back links for this website

Indexed pages - Make sure your entire site is getting seen by the search engines. You can see the pages of a specific website that are in Google's index.   Click to see the indexed pages for this website


Step 6. Monetize

Monetizing is really the last step in a website building plan. You monetize by selling ad space, promoting your products and services, or those of others.

Ads - If you are promoting your own products and services you probably do not want any ads on your site, but an information website can make money with ads, either from an automatic service like Google Adsense or from selling ad space directly. Buying and Selling Website Advertising

Affiliate Links allow you to promote products and services from other websites in exchange for a commission. Website Affiliate Introduction


Understand Your Website Options
& Goals Before You Build


Website Choices
Will you build a brochure website or content website?
A website of valuable information will bring a lot more business than just a list of products and services.

Website Marketing
Some of the many ways to make money on the internet.
Most people have no idea of the many different ways to make money on the internet. Here are just a few examples of the ways you could use a website to promote your products & services and those of others.

Website Evolution
Don't stop with a handful of pages. Make a plan to grow your website.
Understand that the first version of your website is just a seed that will grow and change. As you add pages it creates more ways for customers to find you. This chart shows how as your site grows it can be monetized in a variety of ways.


Free Website Resources:
Blogs & Web 2.0


Make a Free Website
How to use free websites to promote your products or services.
You can use these popular services even if you don't have a business. By creating valuable & interesting content on free website services like Squidoo & Wordpress you can create an income without any investment at all.

Make Money Without a Website
Creating Short Articles, E-Books and Infoproducts.
You don't even need to create a web site or a single web page to market your expertise on the internet. You can create information in digital book form, videos, web seminars, interviews and more that can be marketed by others.


How to Research Before You Build


Evaluate Your Website
Find the problems with your existing website
Learn how the search engines "see" your website and how you can avoid common problems that can affect the flow of traffic to your site.

Website Competition
Study your competition to learn their strengths and weaknesses
How to find out the hidden factors that will show you how effective a website is - how much traffic your competitors are getting and their strength in the market.

Search Engine Optimization
How to give the search engines useful information
Learn the essential basics of Search Engine Optimization. Understand how the website name, website theme & structure, page layout and image labeling all work together to give the search engines a clear picture of your website content.

Website SEO Focus Mindmaps
Get the overall picture of search engine optimization with these diagrams
How to make all the elements of your site work together. The essential concepts of SEO from internet level to site level to page level.

Website Research Tools
Learn from Google & Yahoo what people are seeking
Find out what your potential customers are searching for and design a website to answer those questions and provide those services.


Choose the correct tools & hosting to build your website


Website Hosting Options
An overview of the many choices for hosting your website
Conventional website hosting companies offer a-la-carte choices for website services like mailing lists and traffic monitoring.

SBI Website Hosting
Our recommendation for full-service small business hosting
More than just website hosting, SBI provides all of the tools and information you need to build, grow and monetize a small business website.




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