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About this Website was created to show small businesses the right way to build effective websites.

This site contains the lessons I learned building websites for small businesses. I had watched so many businesses struggle to get results on the internet. Nearly every small business owner I talked to had a website horror story. Most of them had just put up a basic “brochure” site that did nothing for their business. They would spend hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars and end up with a website that did nothing to help their bottom line. Even if they were lucky enough to get a responsive and experienced web designer they were left with nothing but a stack of website bills for their trouble.

This website will show you the right way.


"Small business is broken on the web" -- Dr. Ken Evoy

Forget the fancy design. A slick design will not help a website make sales or bring in business leads. In fact, a 30 page website with a plain design and great information will get a lot more traffic and bring in a lot more business than a 6 page website with a slick design & just basic information.

It is critical for small business websites to be search engine friendly. You need to reach people who have never heard of your business. If they are searching for “Rocky’s Catering Service” they must already be customers. You need to attract people searching for general terms like “catering” or “food service” or “wedding services” to expand your business. The website must be built specifically to reach this larger audience using search engine optimization (SEO), and most of the techniques to do this are invisible on the website pages.

There are a hundred ways to bring traffic to a website, and most websites do only two or three things, if any at all.

This website will show you how to create a website from start to finish, or fix an existing website that is not getting results.


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