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Lou & Andi My name is Lou Bradbard. That's me with my fiance Andi in Sunapee NH.

I own a small-business website design company called Wild Goose Web Design. I live in the Lake Sunapee area of New Hampshire, where most of the residents still have dial-up internet because fast internet is not available.

As a result most of the small businesses do not have websites, and the few that do are struggling to make their websites work for them, mostly because of poor website design.

This website was created to help the small businesses of the Lake Sunapee region and beyond understand why their websites are not working effectively for them and what they can do about it.

So many businesses just “put up a website” and then nothing happens – no traffic, no customers, no business. -- just a stack of bills.

This site is also intended to educate the website designers of the region. Most website designers know how to design & build a good looking website that works well and satisfies the customer.

Very few know how to properly research and build a website that draws free traffic from the search engines and is focused on giving the website visitors what they are looking for and then effectively turning them into customers.

I used to build websites that looked good and worked well but did not bring any business to my clients -- until I discovered Site Build It! (SBI).

The ten years I spent working for IBM while learning everything I could about the internet was totally worthless to me when I tried to build websites for small business clients.

Since I discovered SBI I have been able to build websites that each draw hundreds of visitors per day in free traffic from the search engines and generate income in a variety of ways.

SBI has shown me how to solve all of my website problems, and it can do the same for you.

I hope that the information on this website will help you find greater success with your business.

Lou Bradbard



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