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The Truth About
AdSense Ready Websites


Avoid the “AdSense Ready Website” scam.

There are a lot of AdSense Ready Websites for sale on the internet these days. You have probably seen the ads or emails promoting “plug and play websites” or “ready made websites” that have all the content written with AdSense ads placed on the pages and all you have to do is set them up and watch the cash roll in.

The problem is this most likely is someone selling copies of a website that is probably poor quality to begin with, and the fact that the site is probably one of hundreds of identical copies makes it absolutely worthless.

It will almost certainly never get any free visitors from the search engines and will never make any money. The search engines know the date that content was published. When they encounter duplicate content they give the value to the earliest version and just ignore all the rest.

The most important thing is to have a website that has original content - the concepts and information on the website can be similar to other sites -- it is the wording that must be unique. You can use a web design that is not original, but you absolutely must have unique information on all pages of your website.

A common time saver is to buy private label rights articles, which are pre-written articles that come with republishing rights, and just rewrite them in your own words.

Websites generally require hundreds of visitors per day to make even a few dollars from AdSense, but a website containing only duplicate content will probably never get even a trickle of traffic at all.

If someone asked me for an “AdSense ready website” I would suggest something totally different. I would recommend a website framework that was already designed & built with AdSense ads already built into it, but no content.

The site would have everything pre-made except the content, which could be created by the site owner, or sub-contracted out if needed. After the content is written it would not have to be coded with HTML to go into the site, but simply pasted into the pages where it would then be automatically formatted.

There are many different ways to produce website content. If you don’t want to write the content from scratch yourself there are other options.

You can hire a writer online to create content very inexpensively, usually for around 10-15 dollars per page using a talent broker site like

This could be done very easily and inexpensively using the Wordpress publishing system. Wordpress is mostly known as a weblog or blog publishing system, but it has evolved into a very powerful, flexible, and easy to use system for business websites as well.

Best of all Wordpress is free including many free templates and plugins that extend the functionality of Wordpress.

free WordpressAdsense ready website templates

Click here to see a list of free Wordpress
AdSense ready website templates

You can get free templates, which are ready made designs that control the look and feel of the Wordpress site. Many of these templates have AdSense ads already built in, or have places holders for AdSense code. Also there is a Wordpress plugin called Advertising Manager that can easily add AdSense, as well as many other ad networks, to almost any of the free Wordpress templates.


There just is no such thing as an "instant money making website". You have to make the investment of time or money to create website of useful information or else it will just not give you any return for your efforts.


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