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Choosing the Best Website Hosting
For Your Business


When choosing the best website hosting for your business you need to first evaluate what your goals are and then determine the best way to get there.

Are you looking to sell your products or promote your services, or both? Are you looking to reach a global audience or is your business focused on a local market? How strong is your competition? What are they doing right, and what are they doing wrong?

Small business websites require a very specific approach to be effective. There are four main steps to building an effective small business website:

1. Website Research - Finding the "path of least resistance" on the web to connect with & engage your potential customers.

2. Website Building - Build a website that is easy to use and helpful for the visitors, and well regarded by the search engines.

3. Link Building - Get links from other websites to show the search engines that your site is important.

4. Website Traffic Monitoring - Understand how people find and use your website.

Building a successful small business website requires the knowledge to perform all of these steps effectively. Your website must get found by the search engines, establish a relationship with the visitors by providing useful information, and portray you and your business as an expert in your product or service.

Having a slick, fancy website design is nearly irrelevant to how effective it is. Most of the elements that will make your site a success are behind the scenes.

There are two basic types of website hosting:

All-inclusive site hosting includes all the tools and information to perform all 4 website development steps.

Basic website hosting just provides basic services to store & serve up your website and manage email accounts. All of the tools for research, site design, link building and monitoring must be obtained or purchased separately.

If you or your web designer already has the knowledge & tools to perform all the phases of small business website development, then the best website hosting choice might be one of the many highly-rated basic hosting services available.

However if you need a mailing list service then all-inclusive hosting might be more cost effective. A mailing list service by itself is the most expensive component when purchased separately and usually costs more than the hosting service itself.

If the knowledge and tools are not available then you will need an all-inclusive hosting service that can provide you with everything you will need to reach your goals.


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