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How to Build Website Traffic


Web traffic is the stream of visitors that come to your website. There are two types of web site traffic – paid traffic and free traffic. Paid traffic usually comes from buying ads and begins to arrive almost instantly, as soon as your ad is shown.

Free traffic arrives over time, often taking weeks or months to begin to arrive. If you have built your website correctly, and have created enough links on other sites that point to it, the free traffic will build and build over the months and years until you have hundreds or even thousands of visitors per day.

The choice between free and paid traffic comes down to: do you need traffic right now, or can you wait a while?

Paid traffic is simple. You just buy advertising thru Google, Yahoo, or Microsoft’s Live Search and the traffic will arrive in minutes. You can also buy ads in newspapers and magazines but these are usually more expensive per-visitor than search engine advertising.

There are also various websites that will sell you traffic, usually for something like ten thousand hits for $20, but this is usually not targeted traffic interested in what you are selling. This is usually just people who are paid a penny apiece to visit websites and create hits, and they will not be on your site for more than a second or two.

You need visitors that have clicked on a specific ad promoting your product or service so they will be targeted prospects for your product or service.

The downside of search engine advertising is that, when you stop paying for the ads, the traffic stops.

Free search engine traffic takes more time and more work but the traffic is truly free. Free traffic can even be more targeted than traffic from an ad because you can have more information in a search engine listing than an ad.

Attracting free traffic is called Search Engine Optimization, or SEO.

There are two approaches to SEO: On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO.

On-Page SEO is anything that is part of your site: text, images, HTML code, links, etc.

The most important On-Page SEO concept involves having your site focused around a theme, with each page focused on a keyword related to the theme. The search engines love theme-based sites.

As part of the theme-based site structure, each page should be focused around a keyword phrase related to the theme. This keyword should be used at least twice in the copy of the page and in the other page elements such as title, filename, heading, and in a text link. This will make sure that the search engines get a clear picture of what your page is about.

There are also some basic guidelines for page content:

• Have at least 125 words per page
• No more than 6 links to other sites on any page
• Don’t use your page keyword too much
• Triple-label your images, using the filename, the image ALT tag, and some text on the page next to or below the image to describe the contents.

If you want to break any of these guidelines, such as with a links listing page or an image slideshow page with no text for example, you need to use a “noindex” META tag to make the search engines ignore that page.

Off page criteria involves creating a network of links that point to your site. You can use the many free websites to create this network. You can use bookmarking websites like and; blogs like Wordpress & Blogger; social websites like and; video websites like YouTube; Directory websites like; article sites like EZine; Classified ad websites like; and press release websites like

There are hundreds of these free websites that you can use to build your link network. It will take a bit of time and effort, especially to create the content such as articles and videos but, as you build up this network of links, the free traffic will grow and grow.

You can do link exchanges, where you and another site agree to link to each other, but these are considered to not be as effective as one-way links.

The best overall strategy to build website traffic is to thoroughly research and plan your site theme and page topics before you build.

The traffic strategy for is to use a combination of both free and paid traffic. We are using paid advertising to jump start the traffic to the site, and building up the resources that will bring free traffic in the future.


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