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How to Evaluate Your Website


This page will show you how to evaluate your website to identify some common problems and how to fix them.


Monitor Your Website Traffic

If your web site hosting does not provide traffic stats, there are several free traffic monitor services.

Just add a bit of code to each page and you can monitor how many visitors come to the site, as well as where they come from, how they move thru the site, and what search terms were used to find your site.

My favorite free traffic monitor is

Website Traffic Stats


Check Your Website Rank is a free service that ranks all websites by traffic volume. This is a quick & easy way to see if your site gets any traffic at all and also to check out your competitors' websites.

If your site rank shows as “no data” on then you are not getting enough website traffic to measure, which is probably less than 10 visitors per day.

To have an effective business website you need to have a traffic rank in the top 5 million, which is roughly 50+ visitors per day.


Count Your In-Pointing links

These are also called "back-links" - links from other sites to yours. The more links that point to your site from other sites, the more “juice” your site has with the search engines.

To see how many in-pointing links your website has, use the in-pointing links function of the free Search-It tool. You should have at least a half-dozen in-pointing links, but the more the better.

You should make link-building an ongoing effort. Here are a few of many ways to build in-pointing links:

  • Make a YouTube video about your business
  • Create a free web page on or
  • Buy links in online directories for your local area or business niche
  • Write an informational article & post on
  • Start a blog or comment on other people’s blogs
  • Use a service such as the free Value Exchange to find sites to exchange links with.


SiteSell's Value Exchange Service
& Make Your Links Work

Free Download!

Value Exchange connects traffic-seeking Webmasters by allowing them to enter information about their site and submit it to our database. Then it searches for related sites and instantly puts them in contact with other Webmasters that own sites relevant to their topic.

This hassle-free link-exchange system takes the fuss out of having to scour the Net looking for prospects.

Click the book to visit Value Exchange
& download Make Your Links Work

Make Your Links Work by Ken Evoy


Check That Images Are Properly Labeled

All images on your website should be “triple labeled”:

  • The image filename
  • The image ALT tag
  • Descriptive text next to or below the image on the web page.

Click below for an example of how we used this technique to get the top two images on Google for the keyword “turkey stuffing”:

  • Image filename: turkey_stuffing.jpg
  • Image ALT tag: Turkey Stuffing
  • Label next to image: Tyna’s Famous Turkey Stuffing

This brings in a lot of traffic to our website, especially during the holidays.

Click here to search Google Images for the term "turkey stuffing"



Google Yourself

How does your website look to people who are searching for you?

You should “Google check” your website by searching for your website name and also for any search terms related to your business. Does the listing that appears look OK?

The search result listing is put together from several elements of your web page, including page text, Meta Description tag, and image ALT tags, so you should check to make sure that it makes sense to the reader.


Is Your Website a “Link Farm?”

Do you have any pages with dozens of links to other sites? These links pages are very poorly regarded by the search engines.

You should not have more than a half dozen off-site links on any single page unless you use a special META 'Robots' tag to tell the search engines not to index the page or follow the links.

Here is an example of the META 'Robots' tag that we use on our links page:



Website Theme

Is your site built around a theme with each of the pages about a topic related to the theme?

The search engines love theme-based websites, and a website that contains several themes may be penalized by the search engines simply because they cannot get a clear picture of what the site is about.

Site theme example. A website about fine art might be called and might have pages related to the theme such as:

  • Fine-Art-Portraits.html
  • Fine-Art-Pastels.html
  • Fine-Art-Abstracts.html
  • Fine-Art-Murals.html

This name structure carries the Fine Art theme to each page.

The key to theme based sites is to use the theme keyword everywhere – in the title of the page, in the images, in the heading, in the META tags, and also in text links on each page.

You should also use the theme in the name of the site if possible.


Do You Have Enough Words on Each Page?

You should have at least 125 words on each page for the search engines to consider a page to have legitimate content. Most word processors have a word count feature. If you do have pages with less than 125 words use the NOINDEX tag as described above on those pages.


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In-depth information on the right way to build a small business website:

Make Your Site Sell!
by Dr. Ken Evoy

Free Download!

When Make Your Site SELL! launched in 1999, it was instantly coined "The Bible of selling on the Net." It swept the Net. MYSS! remains a great read, full of useful, evergreen ideas and information, especially if you are trying to sell a product.

Make Your Site Sell!



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