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The "Beer Money"
Website Link Building Strategy

How any college student can easily
make some extra money from the internet.

Building up links to a website is one of the best ways to get good rankings in the search engines. Some of the best & most powerful types of websites to get links from are educational (.EDU) and government (.GOV) websites.

Nearly all colleges and universities give free web space to their students, usually on the school's .EDU domain.

Any student can easily make money by renting out space on their web pages to businesses looking to build links to their websites. They can easily make hundreds of dollars per year for just a few minutes work.


How it works:

Just set up a free Gmail account & then take out an ad in the local paper or a free ad on Craigslist saying:

Website links from .EDU domain for sale. Just $25 per year for a powerful back link to your business website. Contact for more information.


You can take payments with a PayPal account. Most business prefer PayPal as it is a more secure way to do business with someone you have never met.

A few rules of thumb:

You should limit the number of links on any web page. The search engines do not like pages with a lot of links on them. These are called "link farms" and are usually ignored by the search engines. You should generally not have more than six links to other sites on any single page.

The link should be contextual. A contextual link contains a description of what you are linking to.

For example, a contextual link would say something like:

Buy maple syrup from Ben's Sugar Shack

Here is an example of the code used to build this link:

website link code example


That is really all you need to do. After you add the client's link to your web page you would send an email to your client with a link so they can check out the work you did for them.

Extra credit:

For extra credit you can pretty it up and add a small screenshot of your client's home page above the link and add in a bit of salesmanship to the text.

Buy the best maple candy & syrup onlinefrom the award winning Ben's Sugar Shack.

Buy the best maple candy & syrup online
from the award winning Ben's Sugar Shack


This does require some basic knowledge of HTML. If you don't know basic HTML you should sign up for a course at your school or you can find an excellent tutorial of basic HTML here at You can also download the free web site builder NVU that will create the HTML for you.




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