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The Best Ways to Make a Free Website


How to use the free website services to promote your
product, service, idea, or opinion.


Here is our list of the best free web services. You can use free websites instead of paid website hosting to promote products and services or you can use them to help send traffic to your own website.


Free Websites

Weebly Free is a free full website service. You can easily create a multi-page website and blog using a simple drag and drop interface. All you have to pay for is the domain name. The web pages do not even have any ads on them. I don't know how they make money, but this is perhaps the best free website deal on the web!


Free Blogs

WordPress Free Blog and are free blog services. You can easily create an online diary with pictures, visitor comments, photo galleries and more. I recommend because it is said to have the most successful with the search engines of the free blogs.


Social Networking Websites

FaceBook Free started out as an online student yearbook at Harvard. It has evolved into a massive people directory that is a must for anyone in business and also a great way for friends and family to connect.


Single Page Sites Free and are more about ideas, places and things than people. You can create single web pages about any topic – whatever you are passionate about. These two sites are probably the most recommended ways to promote your own website.

A single web page on Squidoo is called a Lens. You can create a Lens about a product or service, as well as a favorite person, movie, book, or place. Squidoo is probably the most fun and free Free Website builder there is. Squidoo also has very good results with the search engines. If you only use one of the free websites in this list it should be Squidoo.



Article Directory Websites Free Article WebsiteArticle Directory websites like collect short to medium length informational text-only articles and make them available to other web site publishers. Article Directories are probably the easiest and fastest way to get publicity and traffic for your website because you don't have to deal with images or HTML code.


Classified Ad Websites Free Ad WebsiteClassified Ad sites like allow you to create online ads that can publicize your product or service and also bring traffic your website. You can create basic text ads for free or, for a small monthly fee, you can create HTML ads that are like single web pages.


Press Release Websites Free Press Release WebsitePress releases sites like are online distributors of press releases. is a no-cost press release website but there are a variety of paid press release websites that offer wider distribution and more services such as tracking and hosting.



You should use a variety of free websites to promote your product or service. If you have a website, you should use a combination of all of the free websites to promote it. The real power is to make a free website network of links pointing to your main website or blog.


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