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Site Build It!

Website Results
1500 unique visitors per day!

Here is a sample of the keywords and page ranks that we have achieved using Site Build It!


With over 1000 unique visitor per day, now dominates the Irish food niche on the web. The site has been so successful with the search engines that we now have top page ranks even for topics that are unrelated to Irish food.

These are our most successful pages with a page rank of 10 or less, which means they appear on the first page of search results.


Page ranks as of 11/26/08

Irish food Keywords Google Yahoo Ask
Irish Appetizer Recipes 1 1 1
Irish Casseroles 1 5  
Irish Chocolate 3 1 2
Irish Cookie Recipes 1 1 1
Irish Dessert Recipes 5 1  
Irish Drink Recipes 1 1  
Irish Entree Recipes 1 1 1
Irish Pie Recipes 1 1 1
Irish Relishes 1 1 1


Other Keywords Google Yahoo Ask
Boxtie 1 1 1
Finn MacCoul 3 1 3
Ireland Books   3  
Ireland's River Boyne 5 1 2
Ireland's River Liffey 3 2 10
Irish Wade Pottery 2 1 2
Irish Matchmaker 5   6
Irish Dog Breeds 5   5


This is a snapshot of the website traffic for November 2008. The orange column is the number of unique visitors per day. As we add more content to the site, the traffic continues to grow!



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