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Buying and Selling Website Advertising



Selling Website Advertising

Selling advertising on your website involves renting out some of the space on your web pages. This space is given over to an ad service like Google AdSense or Yahoo Search Marketing that generates the ads every time your web page is viewed.

Usually, the ad service scans the content of your page and, hopefully, delivers ads that are relevant to the content of your page.

You get paid when a visitor clicks on the ads, then leaves your website and links to the advertiser’s site.

Once these ads are on your page you don’t have to do anything but cash the checks. It is really remarkable, however, there are a few things you should know first.

You will need lots of traffic. The ad revenue will start to trickle in with just a few dozen visitors per day but you will need to have 500 to 1000 website visitors per day to start making any real money.

The ad prices are based on the price of the keyword, which is determined by a bidding process. If your web page is about real estate, you will make a lot more per click than if your page is about knitting.

Example: Web pages based on the keyword “Irish food” get around 5 cents per click. Web pages based on the keyword “real estate” get around 50 cents per click. The prices go way up from there. The keyword "plumber in los angeles” will cost $14.30, and “college loan consolidation” will cost $34.44.

The keyword price is based on an elaborate formula where people bid on the prices they will pay for ad clicks. The more popular a keyword is, and the more money to be made from clicks on those ads, the more the ad clicks for that keyword will cost.

• This is another reason that it is critical to do keyword research before you build your site. You want to build your site using the highest value keywords possible so you will make the most money from your ads.

•Make your ads look like they are part of your website. People have learned to ignore anything that looks like an ad. Choose ad colors and styles that will blend into your site and use only text ads so they will blend in with the other links on your site.


The big picture on selling website advertising

Adding an advertising program like Google AdSense to your website is easy. The hard part is first building a content based website that draws enough free traffic to make money with ads and affiliate links.

See our information on building website traffic.



Buying Website & Search Ads

The 'Big 3' – Google, Yahoo and MSN Live also offer ads for sale. These are called Pay-Per-Click ads, or PPC. You can buy PPC ad space on other websites and also on the search results pages.

When you do a search with these search engines, the paid ads appear at the top and to the right of the search results, and these ads also appear on websites that have added content ad code to their pages.

A Few Words of Caution: I am not even going to try to cover more than just the very basics of PPC ads. I strongly urge you to read all that you can before you start a PPC campaign. There are a lot of pitfalls and a lot more to making a PPC campaign work than just creating an ad.

Is it important that you understand that the prices of the ads can fluctuate day-to-day and even hour-to-hour. These PPC charges can add up fast and, if you do not have a properly written sales letter on your website to greet the traffic the ads bring to your website converting them into customers, you will be throwing money away.

When you do start a PPC campaign, be very cautious and keep your daily budget no more than $20. Tweak your ads until you get them to work well and only then should you consider spending more. Always run at least two different ads, and compare the performance. This is called split testing. Delete the ad with the lower click rate and then write a new ad to go against the winner. By repeating this process you can actually lower your ads costs by improving the ad performance.

Google has its own special set of rules for PPC. Their goal is to protect their visitors, making sure they have a good search experience and that they find what they are looking for.

Google actually scans the page the ad points to, called the Landing Page and, if the content of the page does not match the keywords in the ad, most likely the PPC ad is a scam, trying to trick or mislead the searcher. Google will penalize the PPC ad buyer by raising the price of the ad, and the ad will most likely stop running until the buyer raises the bid.

If the ad buyer does not correct the problem by making the Landing Page relevant to the ad, Google may just instantly raise the price to $10 per click, which is Google’s way of telling the buyer to take a hike. This is called the Google Slap. You have to walk a fine line when you buy ads from Google. Yahoo and MSN advertising have less strict rules for their advertising and are easier to work with.

Google also tracks the relevance of all your ads and also how well they convert. It calculates a “quality score” that determines how much you will pay for ads overall and where, in the list of ads on the page, your ads will appear.

The best way to avoid the Google Slap is to make sure that the ad and the landing page are both relevant and use the same keywords. You should use the keywords from the ad on your landing page several times for best results.

Yahoo and MSN Live don’t give as much weight to relevance, don’t have quality scores and just give the highest bidder the top ad positions. These are radically different methods of delivering ads. If you are a PPC ad buyer you probably will prefer Yahoo or MSN Live but, if you are a web surfer clicking on PPC ads, you probably will prefer Google because you will find what you are looking for more often.

Something to consider: While PPC can bring in traffic to your website very quickly, once you stop spending on the ads, the traffic stops. The alternative is using free website traffic techniques. These involve a bit more work -- and a lot more time -- but it costs nothing, and can actually bring you a lot more traffic than PPC.

The best advice is to use both strategies: Use PPC to bring traffic to your site now, and also build up your site using SEO strategies to begin to bring in more and more free traffic over time.


More Info:

The Ultimate Guide to Google Adwords is the best overall introduction and guide to the Google advertising program, and is focused on promoting your own website.

Yahoo Cash for Idiots, despite the unfortunate name, is an excellent introduction to using the Yahoo Search Marketing ad program for promoting your own products or the products of others.

Highly Recommended:

Ultimate Guide to Google AdWords
How to Access 100 Million People in 10 Minutes
by Perry Marshall & Bryan Todd

  • Build an AdWords campaign from scratch.
  • Identify keywords that entice people to click on your ads.
  • Get the lowest bid prices on your keywords.
  • Defeat click fraud and other scams.
  • Use search engine optimization techniques.
  • Turn clicks into customers
Ultimate Guide to Google AdWords


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