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What is Affiliate Marketing?

In addition to selling products and advertising, one of the most effective ways to make money from your web site is with affiliate marketing.

An affiliate program is basically website advertising using banners or text links that only pays when a sale is made or the customer performs a specific action like signing up for a mailing list.

The website displaying the ads or links is called the affiliate, and the website that the affiliate sends the traffic to is called the publisher.

These links can be used to promote individual products, categories of products, promotions or sales, or just link to the home page of the website. The links are embedded with a code to identify the sending website.

At the top of this page are an assortment of affiliate products. You can mouse over them to see examples of affiliate links.

The Catch? You need traffic. Lots of traffic. You should have at least 300 to 500 visitors per day before you set up affiliate links on your site.

The basic concept is very simple: add links, send traffic & get paid, but in reality there is much you should learn before you can get started with affiliate marketing.


Using Affiliate Links

Affiliate product links need to be directly related to the web page they are on.

Our website has a variety of affiliate programs of Irish products including food, jewelry, clothing, candy, books, gifts, posters, etc, but the most successful by far has been the food products.

Here is an example of relating affiliate products to the page. On our Valentine's Recipes page we have affiliate links to the special cake molds & pans as well as ingredients used to make the recipes. The page is related to the affiliate items and the recipes actually create a need for the affiliate items.


About Affiliate Networks

Affiliate networks like Commission Junction and LinkShare function as middlemen between affiliates and publishers. When you join an affiliate network as an affiliate you have usually hundreds of publishing companies to pick from. When you join as a publisher you usually have access to thousands of websites to potentially promote your products.

The affiliate networks create the coded links, make them available to their affiliate websites, allow publishers to review & approve affiliates before they can promote links, and they handle distribution of payment to the affiliates.

Every affiliate network and each publisher has their own set of terms and conditions that you must read and agree to. If you do not follow these conditions you be removed from the program and maybe even lose the commissions you have already generated.

Even though there are no costs involved it is very important to take your time to learn all you can about website affiliate marketing before you jump in.

Here is an excellent free resource to help you get started:


Free Download!

The Affiliate Masters Course by Dr. Ken Evoy has become an Internet classic. Regularly updated, it has a long history of "firsts."

It literally invented the system of keyword brainstorming, researching keyword supply and demand, niche identification, and the development of theme-based content sites.

SiteSell Website Affiliate Masters Course




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