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People usually don’t search the web for products or services. They search to learn about products or services first, so they can make an informed decision.

If you have a brochure website with basic company information, a list of products or services, and perhaps a few pictures or customer testimonials, you can easily expand your website to help draw more free traffic from the search engines by adding information articles.

People search for information, and you can increase the amount of potential customers visiting your site by providing that information.

How to find what your potential customers are searching for.

You need to provide the information related to your business that your potential customers are searching for. The search engines Google, Yahoo & MSN collect information about the searches conducted by their visitors, and they make it available for business research.

You can access this information in a variety of ways to find out what your potential customers search for, and give it to them.

You can actually get inside the heads of your potential customers and learn what they want!

The words and phrases people type into the search engines are called keywords. The tools that allow you to mine the collected search engine results are called keyword research tools. There are free keyword research tools that give basic search results, and paid tools and services that give more extensive results.

Free keyword tools

These free tools will give you enough basic information to create a series of articles.

You just enter a phrase that describe your business products or services, and you will get a list of web search keywords containing and related to the topic you entered, and also data on how many searches were performed for each keyword.

Wordtracker Keyword Suggestion Tool

Google’s Adwords Keyword Research Tool


Write articles that will provide great information to your potential customers. Make your website a resource that potential customers will want to bookmark and return again for more information.

The goal is to establish yourself as an expert and build trust with the reader.

Website Article Rules of Thumb:

Write articles of at least 400-600 words for the keywords or topics that have the most searches. (Most word processors have a word count feature).

For short articles use the topic keyword in the first sentence, and also in the last paragraph.

For longer articles also use the topic keyword in every other paragraph.


Article Examples:

Here are several website article resources:

Tyna from has written over 70 articles about Irish culture and Ireland over the past year. These articles alone bring in an average of 200 visitors per day.

Click here to view the article index is a great fun site that has over half a million articles about nearly every topic. These articles also have pictures, interactive polls, videos, as well as items from online stores like eBay and CafePress. is a huge archive of text-only articles about almost any subject.

You can learn a lot about how to write articles for your website from and, but keep in mind that putting a few articles on those sites is a great way to create in-pointing links and also to bring traffic to your website.


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