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The Most Important
Website Choice

Will you build a brochure website or a content website?


Before you make any choices about your website you must choose the type of site that will best benefit your business.

The first and most important decision you will make about your website is will it be a brochure website or a content website, which is also called an authority website.

A brochure website, as the name suggests, is an online version of a company brochure, with the same information found in a printed brochure such as the company name, location, contact info, list of services & professional certifications and associations, and perhaps a few pictures of the employees and products.

The advantage of a brochure site is that it is relatively easy and cheap to create. You can just give a printed brochure and maybe a few digital pictures to your web designer and get a website built quickly and for a few hundred dollars or less.

The downside of a brochure site is it will usually not get much free traffic from the search engines. Most brochure sites are very “thin” on information, with text from a 2 page brochure stretched out into perhaps a 7 page website. They often have less than 125 words per page, and search engines do not like such thinly populated pages.

If someone searches for the exact name of your business at Google your website will show up, but probably not if they search for any of the products or services you provide. People who already know about you will be able to find you, but you will probably not be able to bring in many new customers with a just a brochure website.

If you decide on a brochure site you must also have some way of bringing traffic to the site such as an advertising campaign using printed, electronic, or online ads.

An authority site or content site contains information on a specific subject, preferably information that has a high demand online. The key to a content site is to find out what topics people search for related to the theme of the web site, and provide expert information on those topics.

You need to use a keyword research tool to find out just what people are searching for online, and actually build a site to provide the information that people are looking for! This is a very powerful method of drawing free traffic.


What should you put on a content website?

If you have never used a keyword research tool you will be amazed to actually see what people are looking for on the web.

You can actually get inside the heads of your potential customers. Before you make any decisions about your web site you should run all of the keywords related to your business thru the Google Adwords keyword tool.

You will learn a lot about your customers and what they are searching for. Once you know what information your customers want it will be relatively straightforward to create web pages that will solve their problems and answer their questions.


The first step in building a content website is to do some basic keyword research. The Google Adwords tools the best way to get started.

Click here for the Google’s Adwords Keyword Research Tool


SiteSell has a powerful system for doing keyword research, turning that into a site plan, and then building a website that the search engines and your site visitors will love!

Click here for a quick tour of the SiteSell website system.



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