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How to Evaluate Your Website Competition


“Take THEIR good ideas, and make 'em YOUR good ideas.”

--Steve Balmer, Microsoft Corp.


How to evaluate the website competition in your niche.

If you are using a website to promote your business, or if you are planning to build a website, you should check out the websites of your competition.

You should do this to see how strong your website competition is and also to see if they have any good ideas that might work on your website. You can't actually use their words and pictures of course, but if they do a thing in a certain way it might work well for you also.

Also keep an eye out for things your competition might be doing wrong that will give your website an edge.


Off-Page Website Criteria

Free website research tools that let you spy on your competition (and yourself). measures the traffic of the most popular websites and assigns a site rank to the top 20 million sites. Yahoo is the most popular site in the world and has a traffic rank of 1.

There are about 100 million websites in the world, so if a website has a traffic rank of less than 1 million it is in the top 1% of all websites for traffic worldwide.

Here is a traffic rank comparison between our website and our main website competition.

Lake Sunapee Website
Website Competition

Traffic rank results:

The traffic rank for Lake is under 3 million, which means it is in the top 3% of website traffic worldwide.

A traffic rank of "no data" means that the site does not generate enough traffic to measure. only ranks the top 20 million websites, or the top 20%.


The Wayback Machine also has the Wayback Machine, an archive of past versions of nearly all websites from 1996 to the present. You can enter the web address of any website you would like to view and then pick from a list of archived versions saved at different points in time.

If your competitors have changed their website often it means they are serious about their internet presence. also collects traffic information about the most popular websites.

Their information is much more detailed than, but they only track websites that get relatively high traffic volumes. They don't have data for many small business websites. website


Search It!

Search It! is a free tool from SiteSell that is a collection of the most useful searches and web tools. There are dozens of categories of searches including keyword research, website research, content research, legal research, and much more.

Two of the most useful searches for evaluating website competition are Indexed Pages & Back Links.

Indexed Pages search shows how many pages of a website have been indexed by the search engines, and gives and indication of how effective a particular website design is.

Back Links search shows how many back links (also called in-pointing links) a website has. Back links are an important part of website traffic building, as the search engines measure the importance of a website by how many other sites link to it.

Tip: These websites that link to your competition might also be willing to link to your site as well.


Search It! is totally awesome! Click the Help link below for more information.

Search It by



On-Page Website Criteria

In addition to evaluating the off-page criteria above you need to look at the site itself to see how it is set up for visitors as well as the search engines.

Many sites that have a nice design and look great to humans do not look good at all to the search engines.

You should also take a look at the effectiveness of the competition’s website itself to find out how well they have optimized their site for the search engines. You should also consider how well they have organized their site.

    • It it easy to navigate?
    • Does the homepage give you an overview of what is on the site?
    • SEO effectiveness: You can check a few specific things to get an idea of how well your competition has optimized their site for the search engines.
    • Is the entire site built around a theme of related topics?
    • Is each page focused around a keyword? Is the same keyword in the page file name, page title, page heading, image label, and in a text link?
    • Is each image properly labeled?
    • Do they have a site map?

If your competition does not do all of these things you are probably in a position to get significant market share with a properly built website.


This excellent free tool called Traffic Travis can help you evaluate your website competition by analyzing the on-page SEO of any web page, and also the strength & quantity of back links to any website.

The ultimate tool to evaluate website competition is Market Samurai. This is a brand new niche research tool that will let you measure all of the competition in a particular niche, and will show you where there are specific weaknesses that you can target with a website or with web pages.

Market Samurai

The best way to build a website to dominate a niche is with the system we used to research & build this website: Site Build It. You get all the tools and information you need to avoid the mistakes of your competitors & build an effective website that will enable you to compete with much larger companies.

Site build it box

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