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Website Evolution


This page outlines a plan for website evolution from a basic brochure site to a content site, and then to an affiliate site.


Phase 1: Basic Brochure Website

A brochure website is the starting point for a small business website.

A typical brochure site contains basic company information including contact information, a list of products and/or services, a few photos of the business building, or of the employees, and maybe a mailing list. This is just not enough information for the search engines to work with.

Unfortunately most small businesses just build a brochure site, and wonder why their website is not working for them.


Basic Brochure Website

Brochure Website Map


Before people search the web for products or services they search for information. You need to expand your website to provide information, as well as your products or services.


Phase 2: Content Website

The best way to expand a brochure website and bring more free traffic is to add articles & customer resources containing in-demand information. Use keyword research tools to find what your prospective customers are searching for and write keyword focused articles on those topics.


Content & Sales Website

Content & Sales Website


Phase 3: Affiliate Website

When you have built up your website using articles and other traffic building techniques to where you have hundreds of visitors per day, you can use your website traffic to generate additional income with affiliate links.

Affiliate links send your traffic to other websites to purchase products or services and generate commissions for the sending website.


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