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Website Focus Strategy


This page outlines a four-level strategy for drawing free traffic to a website.

These mindmaps show how to correctly build each page around a keyword, focus a website around a theme, properly label an image, and build up in-pointing links to a website.


Focus Tactic 1 - Link Building

Use a variety of free & paid websites to build up a volume of links pointing to your site

Website link Building  Strategy

Focus Tactic 2 - Website Theme

How to focus your website around a theme. Each block represents a web page.

Here is a schematic of a website is built around the theme "fine art" showing how each page is built around a fine art sub-category.

This also shows the 3-tier website structure where no page is more than two clicks away from the home page.

The green blocks are tier 2 pages that link from the home page. The yellow blocks are tier 3 pages that link from the tier 2 pages. This 3 tier structure makes it very easy for humans and search engines to navigate your site.

Click here to visit the fine art website


Website Theme Strategy

Focus Tactic 3 - Web Page Keyword Optimization

This diagram shows how to optimize, or focus, your web page around a keyword.

For the search engines to get a clear picture of what your page is about you need to include the keyword in the page heading, filename, title, body text, META tags, text links, and also in image filenames and ALT tags.

Using this strategy has allowed our single web page to rank #3 on Google, ahead of several entire websites about Irish Wade Pottery.

Click here to view our web page about Irish Wade Pottery

Click here to view search results on Google for Irish Wade pottery


Web page optimization


Focus Tactic 4 - Image Labeling

Each image should be "Triple Labeled" for the best results with the search engines' image search features.

The image description should be in the image filename, the image ALT tag, and descriptive text on the page just below or next to the image.

This image is labeled at the top but we have since learned it is better to have the label at the bottom or the side of the image. If the label is at the top of the image Google might think the label belongs to the image above, but it seems to have worked just fine in this example.

It is the #1 image on Google Image Search for the keyword "turkey stuffing" !


How to properly label an image.

If the image subject is "turkey stuffing":

  1. Image file name is: turkey_stuffing.jpg
  2. Image ALT tag is: Turkey Stuffing
  3. Label below or next to image is: Tyna's Famous Turkey Stuffing


Separate the words in the file name with a dash or underscrore. Use the full 32 characters available in the file name to get as complete a description as possible.

You can expand the description in the ALT tag & image label, as long as it contains the same words as the image file name.

Turkey Stuffing


Click here to see the Turkey Stuffing Recipe on our website





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