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About Website Hosting


Website Hosting Options:

•Free website or blog

•Conventional website hosting

•Full-service small business website hosting


About Website hosting options

Even if you have a paid web hosting service, you can use the other free websites to promote your website and to build up in-pointing links to your site, which is essential to bring traffic from the search engines.

Your hosting choice depends on your goals for your website. If you are a student studying internet technology, you can just sign up for Bluehost or just about any top-rated hosting service and get everything you need if it doesn't really matter how much website traffic you get.

If you are looking to promote your business or service, if you want the website to become your business or, even if you just want to share your point of view with the world, website traffic is essential.

95% of all websites get no traffic at all.

You can pay to get traffic, but the best things in life are free, and this includes website traffic. If you have never created a website or done business online, the free websites are a no-risk way to get started.


The Scoop on Free Websites

These free websites let you create a single web page of almost any size. You most likely have heard of, since it is in the news almost every week (usually for someone getting into some bizarre kind of trouble on the site!). is similar to but with a more upscale and business-oriented user base – it began as a student website project at Harvard. The most interesting (and potentially profitable!) free website is one you probably have never heard of --

About Social Networks has become the cyberspace equivalent of the street corner, with some folks passing by on their way to something important, and some just hanging around with too much time on their hands.

While it is a great tool for promoting a business or music act, MySpace has become filled with mostly useless and pointless pages, and cluttered with so many “tribute pages” and “clone pages” that it is hard to find the page for any specific person or product. is a more serious and professional social networking site, and I recommend it as a first choice to post your professional profile.

MySpace and Facebook are social network sites, which means you are expected to interact with the other site members in a variety of ways. You can create groups of friends, leave comments on other’s pages, send quizzes and polls to your friends, play games, create and join groups that have a variety of interests, publish videos and a blog, and lots more.

I created a basic page on MySpace to promote my fractal art website. is a free social networking site that is more about information than people. You can create a single web page about anything – your business, your hobby, your passion or anything that interests you.

A page on Squidoo is called a lens (their mascot is a squid with a giant eye), and you can make as many lenses as you wish. A lens is super-easy to build and to add a variety of components such as related eBay & CafePress items, RSS syndication feed, and allow comments from visitors.

The best benefit of Squidoo is that Google loves the site. On almost any topic you Google there will usually be a Squidoo lens in the first page of search results.


About Videos, Bookmarks & Articles

Of course you have also heard of YouTube. I am fascinated with this site. You can find video of anything you can imagine - any subject, any person, any place, or any product.

YouTube makes it super easy to have video on your website – either your video or anyone else’s. Just paste a single line of code into your web page and presto! Instant video! Tip: If you do post video on YouTube make sure you include a clickable link back to your site, which will really help your traffic.


Article websites are a great way to get free publicity for your business, website, or cause. You can write and contribute articles and the sites make them available to a wide audience.

They are also a great way to build up links to your website. You can take material from your website and rewrite it just enough that it does not look like a copy of your website material to the search engines.

Ezine Articles
Idea Marketers


Press release websites are similar to article websites but they deal exclusively with news items in press release format, and they are an excellent way to get the word out about your business or organization. There are both free and paid service press release websites.



Bookmark websites like, and Propeller are elaborate collections of links to websites that have been marked by members of the site, to save the links for reference and also to recommend them to others. The websites and web pages that have been marked by the most people are listed in a section on the home page showing the most popular items. If you can get your site in the top section of one of these bookmark sites it will bring you a ton of traffic – for a little while.


Free & Paid Hosting Blogs

Free blogs like WordPress, Blogger and TypePad allow you to set up basic blogs, are a great way to get started, and to see if blogging is for you. The limitations of the free services can make them unsuitable for most types of online businesses. You can’t add a lot of features that are essential to making money with your blog.

Paid hosting for any business-related blog is really the way to go since it is so inexpensive. For only about $8 per month you can have as many blogs as you want if you get a hosting plan with unlimited domains. The full-featured WordPress software itself is free, and the domain name required for each additional blog is only about $10 per year.

When you get set up with a paid web hosting service like Bluehost, you can easily install many different types of websites including conventional sites, blogs, bulletin boards, and content management systems which store the website information in a database and create the web pages automatically.

A blog on a paid hosting service allows you to customize it with a variety of business tools, such as name and address form so that visitors can enter their name and address. You can also add paid advertising, plug-ins that expand functionality, such as SEO Pack (which helps the search engines find your blog), and custom blog templates that can have a unique look and can contain other money-making features such as web links to products that you recommend.

You really shouldn’t run a business website as a blog, but a blog can be great support for your main site. The various services listed above should be used to enhance a business website by spreading publicity, building links, and helping to bring traffic to the main site.


If you are planning to create a basic brochure website you should understand that it will not bring a flood of business by itself -- this is just the beginning of the process.

The most beneficial things you can do:

  • Expand your website with information that your potential customers are looking for.
  • Create links from other websites that point to your site using a variety of free website services.


Components of a business website

There are a few essential features for a business website that you often don’t get with a basic hosting account. Usually, features like mailing lists, contact forms, search engine submittal, traffic & search engine statistics, accepting visitor content, and website research tools are all extra expenses.

They can be separate services that you have to buy from your web hosting provider or that you have to choose from a variety of different companies.

There are flaws with some of these additional services.

Search engine submittal, for example, (sending notification of your site to hundreds of search engines), can be purchased from many different vendors usually for about $50.

But how often should you submit? This one-time submittal is better than nothing, but what about new content? You should be adding and updating your website content regularly & every new or updated page should be submitted to the search engines.

Mailing list sign-up forms usually require you to program your email address in with the web page code. This means your email can be seen from the web and is guaranteed to receive lots of spam.

Even website traffic can add to the cost of hosting. If your website starts to draw lots of traffic, you can be subject to “bandwidth charges” by your hosting provider.


Strategy outline for building an effective website

The most powerful free traffic drawing system is to use a combination of ALL of the above methods.

Put your main website at the center of a “link network”. Use the free sites, articles sites, bookmark sites, video sites, and a blog to create a network of links all pointing to your main site.

Site Build It! Is the only website hosting provider that provides everything a small business needs. In addition to having the most effective traffic drawing methods, they provide all the services you will need for doing business on the web.


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