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Effective Strategies For
Website Link Building


More Links = More Traffic


There are many mays to do website link building. This page outlines some of the most effective, and cost-effective, link building strategies.

Website Link Building


Website link building in this case refers to links from other websites that point to your website. These are called in-pointing links or back links. The more back links that point to your website, the more importance the search engines will give to your information, and the higher you will rank in the search results.


There are two basic ways to build links – free links and paid links

Free links usually use what are called Web 2.0 sites. These are websites where the visitors actually create the content, as well as post comments on the information already there.

The best known Web 2.0 sites are MySpace, FaceBook, Twitter and YouTube, but there are thousands of different kinds of Web 2.0 sites where you can post everything from your favorite bookmarks, quizzes, recipes, jokes, articles, photos, artwork, and just about anything else you can think of. Nearly all of these sites allow you to post a link back to your website. I have found that Twitter is the easiest and most effortless of the the "Big Four" for making links.

The free blog sites and are great for making free blogs to place links to your websites.

The SiteSell company has a free link exchange program called Value Exchange where you can register your site into a matchmaking database that sends your site info to all related sites in the SiteSell hosting service. The site owners will contact you if they are interested in a link exchange.

You can also get free links the old-fashioned way: Ask people you know. Your friends, neighbors, customers, suppliers, contractors, partners, chambers of commerce, and community organizations usually have websites and might be willing to give you a link.

Article sites like allow you to post short articles about almost any topic. In addition to providing links to your site these articles can also send lots of traffic to your site as well. Bonus:When you sign up as an author with they send you an excellent free online course on writing articles.


Some of the most useful web 2.0 site types for building links and getting traffic to your website.

Free web 2.0 sites like and allow visitors to easily make free single web pages with links about any topic and include graphics, pictures, YouTube videos and even make money directly from the pages with and “modules” that list items automatically on the page.

If you only check out one Web 2.0 site it should be Squidoo. There is a lot of great information there. It is super easy & fun to use, and there are people who make a full-time income just from Squidoo!

Bookmarking sites allow you to save collections of links to your favorite websites and share them with others. They don't usually record much more than a link and a brief description of a site, so it is easy to make a lot of bookmarks in one sitting. You can bookmark all of the pages on your website, and you can even make multiple accounts and bookmark your pages for even more effectiveness. is a service that lets you spread your content to multiple social sites such as Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon and Reddit at the same time. It is only $25 per year and is very effective.


Free Download! - Link Building Database

Free Download!
Website Link Building Database by Alex Goad

Here is a huge list of Web 2.0 sites you can download by Alex Goad, one of the most successful internet marketers. It includes video sites, blogging and social networks, classified ads, bookmarking, forums, and directory sites that you can use to build up links to your website. Just pick a few sites each day to add your links.


What is “Link Spam?”

Just about every piece I have read on link building recommends posting comments on blogs and forums to build links to your website. This is an advanced technique because it takes some work to find blogs and forums that will allow you to post links that will actually help with the search engines.

People often abuse their postings on blogs & forums with “link spam”, which are large amounts of junk links, and as a result many blogs and forums now tell the search engines to ignore the links in comments by adding a special tag to each link. You need to do special searches using Google to find the blogs & forums you can post to and get credit for your links. We will be adding info on how to do this in the future.


Getting .EDU links

Links from .EDU (educational) websites are considered to be one of the best types of links to have for traffic building.

A very effective way to get .EDU links is to search university websites for professors that teach subjects related to your website. You try contacting them by email saying that you came across their web page and you thought that your website might be a good resource for their students.

Know a college student? You can get links from a highly effective .EDU website and show a college student how to make some extra money!

Here’s how: Nearly every college now gives free web space to all their students. This web space is on the school’s .EDU domain. All the student has to do is take out a free ad on CraigsList offering .EDU domain links for sale for around $25 per year. They add a brief site description and a link to their page, and it is probably the easiest money they will make while in college. Of course, since you showed them this strategy, they will want to give you a link for free!


How to Buy Links

It is also good to buy a few links on paid directory websites. There are specialty directories for most types of businesses and professions where you can get a link on a quality site for usually $25-$40 per year. Just search Google for your type of business + "directory".

You can also buy directory submissions in bulk. is a service that will submit your site to hundreds of directory sites for as little as $10.



How to check your incoming website links

The Yahoo Site Explorer is an easy to use web link checker. Click on the link below to visit the Yahoo Site Explorer, enter your website into the field at the top of the page, and click the Explore URL button.

Yahoo Site Explorer

Google also has an incoming links checker, but you have to sign up for their suite of free webmaster tools to use it.

Google Webmaster Tools


Website Link Building Rules of Thumb

  • Link building is a long-term, on-going process, and it may take a while to see results.
  • One-way links are better than reciprocal links, but it is good to have both kinds.
  • Use keywords in the link text whenever possible. A link should describe what it links to.
  • It is best to have a diversity of link types pointing to your website.
  • Do not link only to your home page. Link to the pages within your website as well.


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