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Website Marketing

Some of the Many Ways to Make Money on the Internet


Whenever I tell someone I build websites and do internet marketing for a living they always ask the same question: "How do you make money on the internet?"

There are so many ways to make money on the internet, and so much opportunity there, even with the current economic situation. The internet is still rapidly expanding, with hundreds of thousands of new users every day.

There are so many different ways to create an online business. You can choose a way that fits your personality.

Do you like to write or other creative expression? Are you a right-brain person?

You can create a content-based web site or do article marketing.

Are you good with numbers and have some experience with programming and internet technology?

You can do Pay-Per-Click marketing where you promote products with online advertising to earn commission.

I actually do a bit of both. I have created six websites so far, some by myself, and some in partnership with others. I also do various forms of Internet marketing where I promote products on small websites, called mini-sites.

Whatever your personality and background there is a way to start a business on the internet that is right for you.


Content websites

Content websites, also called authority websites, contain knowledge or experience learned in the real world and organized on a website to pass that knowledge and experience on to others.

Content website examples: – Irish Food recipes, Irish culture and history articles, and Ireland travel stories.

Lake Sunapee – an insider's guide to New Hampshire’s Lake Sunapee Region. – a gallery of computer generated artwork. – Fine art including painting, drawing, sculpture and tapestry weaving.

These sites are designed to build a loyal base of regular visitors. They offer unique and interesting content, and are updated regularly.

They each get hundreds of visitors per day.

They each make money in a variety of ways including selling products, advertising, promoting services, and by affiliate marketing.

More about affiliate marketing below.


Don’t have any knowledge that would benefit others?

I really doubt that, but here is how you can get started anyway.

The best way to start a business is with other people’s money – and the best way to start a website is with other people’s content!

Don’t have an idea for a website?

I felt the same way before I built my first website but, after learning how to properly do research for website themes & content, I have a bunch of website ideas.

For my first website I found someone else who had great information. In fact, very little of the content of the websites listed above is my own knowledge or information.

For I partnered with my fiancé’s sister, who is an expert cook and who loves Ireland. She does all the cooking, writing and traveling. I build the web pages, take the pictures, and handle the technical stuff.

Of course, I always help with the food tasting.

Lake Sunapee has a few short articles I have written about the area but most of the website content is from others.

I promote the local artists, craftspeople and businesses in the area, and I mostly use the content they give me.

Lately, I have even started to collaborate with them to make their works available online in various forms such as posters, books, cards, and even t-shirts! – I have no art talent but my computer does!

It has a program called KPT Fractal Explorer that creates remarkable digital art.

As I tinkered with this fractal generator, I amassed a rather large collection of very interesting digital designs.

I took the best of those and created is a website I built for a truly amazing local artist named E. Thor Carlson. Thor is a truly brilliant man – he’s a Yale graduate and Fulbright scholar, but even someone that smart was not able to get an effective website built.

I have learned that nearly every artist, like nearly every small businesse, really has difficulty using the web to promote their work.

Together we created a website using SBI that now gets over 200 visitors per day.


Website Affiliate Marketing

All of these websites make money selling other peoples products thru affiliate marketing and a print-on-demand online service called CafePress that makes prints and posters.

CafePress can print any design on all kinds of stuff.

Affiliate marketing uses web site links to send traffic to other online stores in exchange for a commission when the visitor makes a purchase or performs an action such as signing up for a mailing list. This is the ultimate hands-off way to make money.

You don’t have to touch products or deal with customers. Someone else does all of that.You just have to have traffic to your website.

You do need to have at least one hundred visitors per day to your website before it is worthwhile to do affiliate marketing. That is why it is so important to use an effective traffic drawing system to build your website, such as SBI.

More about Website Affiliate Marketing


Internet Marketing with Pay-Per-Click

Internet marketing usually means buying online advertising to bring traffic to a sales page for someone else’s product through an affiliate link.

It also can mean promoting your own product through the internet, but creating your own product is a lot more work than promoting someone else’s.

Promoting someone else’s product can be as easy as buying online Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising and using an affiliate link in the ad. This is called Direct Linking and, while it is easy to set up, it is risky and requires a lot of trial and error by trying different ads and different keywords that trigger those ads.

A better way to promote affiliate products with Pay-Per-Click advertising is to build a landing page site, which is a mini-website with a sales page and a few other pages of information such as a few articles about the products you are promoting. is a mini-website that markets downloadable toolbars that can customize MySpace profiles and send animated e-cards. The website visitor does not have to buy anything, just download a free browser toolbar, and payment is made for each download.

Click here to visit mini-website


The more cost effective way to promote the products of others is to create a Review Website that has information on a variety of related products.

Each of the products reviewed uses an affiliate link so it makes money no matter which product the visitor chooses.

The most effective way of all to do affiliate marketing is to combine a review website with a content website.

The content brings in free traffic from the search engines and the product review affiliate links generate income from that traffic.

Buying Pay-Per-Click advertising for a content and review website is more effective - now the visitor is more likely to bookmark the site because of the useful information, and return again and again.

In addition to Pay-Per-Click and content site marketing there is another effective way to do affiliate marketing.


The Interview Method

The interview method is really remarkable because is does not have the testing costs of Pay-Per-Click advertising and it does not take months or years to produce affiliate income like a content website can.

Here is the interview method in a nutshell.

I think it is absolutely brilliant.

    1. Choose an online product niche that has high demand, such as losing weight, dog training, work-from-home, etc.
    2. Create a simple blog style website and set it up with affiliate links to related products and, optionally, a mailing list sign-up form.
    3. Contact everyone who makes a product related to your chosen niche and request an interview with them.
    4. Publish the audio of the interviews on your website. The interviewees will link to the interview from their site and will send you lots of traffic.

This is very effective yet very inexpensive compared to other ways of internet marketing. You can set everything up for less than $200 including a course in exactly how to do it.

If you have been laid-off and are looking for a way to make money that is interesting and unique, that will not take a lot of time or money, and will leave you time to continue to look for work, I recommend you check out this course. It will really open your eyes to new possibilities!

It is called Guru Assassin by Jonny Andrews. It is very well done, has a lot of very useful and effective techniques, and it is a lot of fun as well. See below for our recommendations.


Our recomemdations of the best systems for getting started with affiliate marketing  

Click here to learn more about Guru Assassin.

Guru Assassin internet marketing course by Jonny Andrews is our pick for the most effective and easiest to use. It is packed with proven techniques including the Interview Method, and is perfect for those that do not have a lot of money to invest.

Guru Assassin

Click here to learn more about The Money Siphon System

The Money Siphon System by Jonny Andrews covers the basics of affiliate marketing using free websites like Squidoo and blogs to create "siphon pages" that promote affiliate products.

The Money Siphon System

Click here to learn more about building content websites & Affiliate Marketing

The best way to build a content website to dominate a niche is with Site Build It. You get all the tools and information you need to avoid the mistakes of your competitors & build an effective website that will enable you to compete with much larger companies.

Site build it box


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