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Website Research Tools


A properly designed website is built to provide the information that people are searching for.

Find out exactly what people are looking for, and then give it to them.

Before you create any web pages, and even before you choose a website domain name, you need to do keyword research. You will find out what people search for and exactly how they search for it.


Keyword Research Basics

•Web searchers may use several variations of a search term, such as “Ireland music”, “Irish music” and “Celtic Music”. You want to make sure that you include all the popular variations on your website and, also, that you focus your pages around the specific terms that are the most profitable.

Demand divided by Supply = Profitability.

Demand is the number of searches for a keyword.

Supply is the number of web sites that use that keyword.

Profitability  is an indication of how easy it will be to draw traffic for a keyword.

•Choose a website theme, or even better, several website themes, so you can pick the best one by using keyword research to focus in on a highly profitable niche within your theme.

•Use the research tools to find popular keywords related to your theme. Then find the popular keywords with the least competition – these are the keywords that will be the most profitable.

•Choose a website domain name that includes the most profitable site concept keyword.


The most popular keyword research tools are Wordtracker and Google’s Adwords Keyword Tool. These tools mine the log files of the search engines to find the most popular search terms.

Google’s Keyword tool is free. Wordtracker has a free version of their tool and also a free trial of their more powerful paid service.

Click here for the FREE Wordtracker keyword suggestion tool

Wordtracker keyword suggestion tool
Here is a Wordtracker search for the term "alternative energy" showing the number of searches done per day for each keyword.


Here is a Google Adwords Keyword Research tool results screen for the top searches for the keyword "fine art". This screen also shows the Estimated Cost-Per-Click for Google Adsense advertising. If you plan to show Google powered ads on your site you should look for the keywords with the highest estimated CPC to build your pages around, because they will make more money for you.



The SiteSell hosting service also includes a keyword research tool called Brainstormer which is the most powerful of the keyword research tools. Brainstormer gives you access to the paid Wordtracker service, plus the ability to automatically find the most profitable keywords.

The example above shows just a few of the most profitable keywords based on the keyword "irish". The most profitable keyword "english to Irish translations" has a Demand of 1940 searches per month, but the supply is only 2, which means there are only 2 websites that use this keyword. If you created a properly built web page for this keyword you could almost certainly rank ahead of those two pages and get most of those 1940 monthly searchers coming to your website.


It is critical that you build as many website pages as possible that are focused on those highly profitable keywords.

You are not restricted to creating web pages based on these high profitability keywords, but the more you use, the faster the traffic to your website will grow.


Search It! is a collection of internet search tools and pre-defined searches that help you research content and a whole lot of other important tasks such as finding domain names and copyright research.

Searchit! Website Research Tool

Domainsbot Website Namer

After you have done your keyword research and have a basic outline of your site plan, you are ready to pick the domain name. is a domain name search engine that offers you a variety of name choices based on your website concept keyword and tells you which of those are available.

Once you have decided on your site topic, have a list of the most profitable keywords, an outline of a site plan, and have chosen a domain name that contains your site concept keyword, you are ready to make the decisions on how you will build and host your site.

Click here for website namer


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